Malta Illman Award

Since 1960, the Doctor George Morton Illman Award has been awarded annually by the Malta Boat Club for contributions to the sport of rowing.

2013 Recipient

On June 14, 2014 Malta Boat club was pleased to present the Doctor George Morton Illman Award to Mitch Budman, for his contributions to the sport of rowing.

Past Recipients


Mitch Budman

University Barge Club


James Hill

Undine Barge Club

2011 Dennis P. Smith Scholastic Rowing Assn of America / US Rowing
2010 David T. Naab Fairmount Rowing Association
2009 Michael L. Brown Malta Boat Club
2008 Christopher I. Blackwall University Barge Club
2007 Bob & Peggy Morro Malta Boat Club
2006 Gene Barnes University Barge Club
2005 Robert Suter Vesper Boat Club
2004 Jack Scholl Vesper Boat Club/Fairmount Rowing Association
2004 Joan Scholl Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club/San Diego RC
2003 Paul Schugsta Malta Boat Club
2002 Fred Duling Malta Boat Club
2001 Harry Todd Fairmount Rowing Association
2000 Edward C. Lucas Undine Barge Club
1999 Clete Graham Crescent Boat Club
1998 Kate Goodwin Vesper Boat Club/Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club
1997 Matt Ledwith Philadelphia Rowing Society
1996 Kenneth Shaw, Jr. Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
1995 Vincent S. Dougherty Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
1994 David E. McCormick Fairmount Rowing Association
1993 Mark F Valenti Fairmount Rowing Association
1992 Joseph F. McFadden Undine Barge Club
1991 Rosemarie Flynn Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club
1991 Margaret Flynn Livacz Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club
1990 Joseph A. Fasiak Fairmount Rowing Association
1989 William J. Knecht Vesper Boat Club/Malta Boat Club
1988 John J. Dever Malta Boat Club
1987 John E. Seitz Dad Vail Rowing/Fairmount Rowing Association
1986 Joseph Sweeney Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
1985 Joseph J. Sonzogni Fairmount Rowing Association
1984 Edward CP "Ned" Thomas University Barge Club
1983 George A. Mattson Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
1982 Evelyn K. Bergman Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club
1981 Charles P. Colgan Vesper Boat Club
1980 Elizabeth C. Bergen Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club
1980 Michael A. Bergen Undine Barge Club
1979 Albert Wachlm Fairmount Rowing Association
1978 William M. Hollenback University Barge Club
1977 William Robinhold Undine Barge Club
1976 Dr. John A. Bergen Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
1975 Wayne F. Neal University of Pennsylvania
1974 Thomas B. Dowd Fairmount Rowing Association
1973 Dr. Thomas Kerr, Jr. Bachelors Barge Club
1972 Donald P. Schnorr Vesper Boat Club
1971 William F. Donavan Malta Boat Club
1970 Franklin H. Bates The Philadelphia Inquirer
1969 Joseph Dougherty LaSalle College/Penn Athletic Club PA
1968 Ted Nash University of Pennsylvania
1967 James Beckett Malta Boat Club
1966 Phillip H. Daley Fairmount Rowing Association
1965 William J. Cochrane, Sr. Malta Boat Club
1964 John R Galloway Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
1963 George C Mines Malta Boat Club
1962 Francis H. Ludwig Undine Boat Club
1961 John C. Carlin Fairmount Rowing Association
1960 Dr. Robert C White Malta Boat Club*

*Founder of lllman Award; Donated $1000.00 to the club, with the interest (6% in 1960) paying for the award.